Elizabeth and Stacy

Stacy VanBibber is a registered and licensed dietitian who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from Marshall University and a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Physical Activity from James Madison University. She completed over 1050 supervised practice hours in various clinical, outpatient, and community settings through the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. She has worked [...]


baby with apple

Attention Breastfeeding Moms! Would you like to learn how to eat healthy for yourself & your baby, and connect with other breastfeeding moms? Join our community – It’s Free!   Whether you are a first-time mommy, or nursing your 5th child, we know the questions you have about how your nutrition affects your baby. But [...]

Breastfeeding Toolkit

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  Attention Breastfeeding Moms!   Do you want to eat healthier & lose the baby weight? Wouldn’t you like to have a Registered Dietitian create your meal plan and give you a healthy shopping list? Want quick, easy, healthy & Dietitian-approved recipes at your fingertips every week?   The Healthy Eating For Breastfeeding Toolkit: Will [...]